Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Some Titles You May Find Interesting ...

I was planning to post a clever book review but ... I've listened to so many books since I last posted to the blog, that I thought I would just like to share some titles ... [So, click here to read the rest of the post ... link removed because you are now "here" ...  the link came from the SuseReads blog at WordPress].

I've decided to continue posts here at Blogger because WordPress has become a pain to deal with -- with too many limitations on formatting options, etc., unless I move over to a paid version.  When I had first started using WordPress, it was the one with the formatting options and Blogger was the one that was severely limited.  Things have changed and Blogger/Blogspot is now the place to blog -- well, for me.  :D

All over the Web there are "new & improved" versions of the popular sites that tend to be exactly like just about every "new & improved" product on the market.  New?  Yep.  Improved?  Usually only for the manufacturer or service provider -- a way to cut corners and make a bigger profit no matter whether the changes are really better for the user / consumer.  **sigh**  It has been this way for forever, I think.

So, who knows, one day I may be redirecting to some other blogging platform but for now, I will stick with Blogger/Blogspot;  it offers the user-friendliness I am seeking for an online experience.  :-)

Now, on to the books:

No review, just a theme.  Can you figure out what it is?

Okay, let me clarify.  It is not a theme but they have something in common.  If you have an idea what that might be -- leave a comment but do not tell what that "in common" is ... When I get notification that you left a comment, I'll email you to find out what you think the "in common" bit is.  If you are right, I'll send you a download file for a bookplate and bookmark set that you can print and use.

Now, here are the books:

Glimpses of the Moon by Edmund Crispin
The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde
A Small Case for Inspector Ghote by H. R. F. Keating
Catilina's Riddle by Steven Sayler

One quick review note -->  Steven Sayler's books are set in Rome.  He has a history degree and at least one of the books, that I have listened to so far, has had an author's note at the end telling about the real history that is fictionalized in the novel.  The mysteries are interesting, the level of clues and red herrings keep me listening to the end.  And the historical detail is -- well, brings that time and place alive.  
Another review note -->  Gervase Fen, the Oxford Don who does amateur detecting in Edmund Crispin's books is a bit of an "ass" as a Brit would put it, but ... this particular book, Glimpses of the Moon, has an element of comedy to it that makes it a particularly fun read or listen ...

Happy Reading!


PS -->  Looks like I need to come back real soon and deal with all the stuff over in the right sidebar.  **sigh**  I almost need a secretary to keep me on my toes and get things done in an orderly and timely fashion.  It was easy to do that when I worked as a secretary -- no real distractions and I had a wonderful "tickler" system set up.  Here in my own home office, way too many distractions, too many things I want to be working on all at the same time, and no real plan of attack to get them all done.  **bigger sigh**  I'm constantly impressed by a few people I've encountered on the web who produce lots of Internet content and get it out regularly ... and it is always super impressive!  WOW!  Big cheers to those who make my web experience fun and informative.  :D

PPS -->  Before you go, you need a photo added to the post, right?  Well, here is one that maybe you could use as a writing prompt  -->

or perhaps this one: 

If you do use either as a writing prompt, I'd love to see what you come up with.  The "boy and his cat" is Jake and Kitty.  They generally appear at my SuseADoodle Do blog to do the Vanna White thing and point at a card in the photo of the post.  But Jake loves to be with his kitty and they do many things together.  The monster does not have a name yet;  maybe you would like to make a suggestion in the comment box?

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