Friday, May 23, 2014

Who Needs Donuts? via ...

From Powell's Books. Turns out I did not need to wait for an application process, I just had to fill out the forms and Voila, I'm a Powell's Books "partner." Now the book I am sharing with you today is ... WONDERFUL! 
A couple of weeks ago, Book Riot (a page over at Facebook) shared a link to a list of kids books that adults should reread.  Hmmm ... lots of the books were newer than when I as a kid, so many are first reads for me  :-D
I went through the list with my public library's inter-library loan catalog up and running and found a few of these books.  Hubby's most recent visit to the library brought home a few of them.
Who Needs Donuts?  is one of the ones that are a "first read" for me.  There are a couple other books that he brought home that I will share with you very soon.  
Sort of like Where's Waldo, in that the pages are full of things to explore.  In this book, you are not seeking anything or anyone specific, just having a fun time reading all the signs and messages, seeing all the interesting items that fill all the space.  You've heard of "abhor vacui" in art?  Fear of White Space.  Well, it is certainly true here and well worth the time it takes to read the story (excellent) and to peruse the pages at a leisurely pace.
The book has a copyright of 1975 and I was afraid I might not find it at Powell's but I did.  I think you will love this book -- and if you borrow it from your library, you may decide to visit Powell's Books to find a copy for your own bookshelves!

Okay, a little more about the book so you know whether to seek out this book.  First, the story is about a little boy who wants donuts -- gazillions of them (not actually the amount referred to in the book), and far more than his parents could ever buy for him.  So, one day he peddles his trike to a big city and goes searching for donuts.  He finds donuts and more.  Great story even if you don't take the time to inspect the pages.  In fact, you probably want to read the story all the way through, then go back and spend a lot of time enjoying the pages at a slow pace.
What's on these pages that will make you want to spend so much time with them?  Well, they are pen drawings, in the cartoon style of Where's Waldo.  
I'm looking at the back cover of the book -->
  • Inside the trash can, empty bottles labeled "Banana Cider"
  • A pigeon, but with a horse's head, drinking from a can being held out to it that is labeled Yaussot's Hay Soda
  • A can in the detritus on the ground labeled Chive Soda
  • An old woman 
  • A copy of "Old News" in another trash can with the headline "Worm Eats Building"
  •  Another horse-headed bird, flying, wearing tie shoes, smoking a pipe that is putting out a shirt, a sock and a hair ribbon instead of smoke
  • And lots and lots of artsy details
Yep, check out Who Needs Donuts, and maybe even revisit Where's Waldo while you are at it.

[edited -- added 5/30/14 -- I headed over to Book Riot to see if I could find their "Critical Linking" link to the list of children's books that adult's should reread.  Couldn't find it (easily) and gave up.  So just typed in the address bar (it will do a search from there -- cool beans) "kids books adults should reread" and got a few articles to choose from.  Here is the one I went through:]

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